Saturday, June 9

Harrison, Sands, Armstrong and Handeland: Dates from Hell

This collection of four paranormal romances covers the spectrum from vampires and demons to werewolves and other shape shifters.
These stories are action focused with heroines whose strength isn’t always physical. Their relationships with the heroes tend to be more lust- or erotica-centred than romantic, which made them more believable.
The stories were all self-contained but a working knowledge of the worlds in which they were set definitely adds an extra dimension, particularly in the case of the offerings by Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong which tell the back stories of minor characters from their series works.
I found all of the stories to be easy, entertaining reads. None stood out as being unworthy of its place in the collection but neither did any stand out as spectacular. If I weren’t already familiar with the work of these authors this collection wouldn’t inspire me to become so. Having said that, I did like this collection. For those of us who do like paranormal romance this is a enjoyable read, for anyone who isn’t already a fan of the genre this is probably not the place to start.-Lynn

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