Friday, May 1

Rubbish Boyfriends - Jessie Jones

Dayna Harris is in labour. Though her best friend is by her side, Dayna wants the father of her child supporting her through the quite unexpectedly large amount of pain and effort involved. As she pants and gasps Dayna reflects on the series of crap boyfriends she's had, from the soft toy giving and unfatithful Simon to the too-good-to-be-true Christian rock loving Mark. But who's the daddy?
Who cares? This was so boring, so insipid and so meandering that I stopped mid paragraph. Okay, I did read to page 349 (of 436) but that was more a result of being stranded without a backup book than the consequence of good writing. Whoever reviewed this for Heat and thought it was "bloody hilarious" (as claimed on the cover) was delusional and/or related to the author. Stay away! - Alex

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