Monday, March 29

Thief - Brian James

Elizabeth is a foster child in New York – she and her foster sister Alexi live with and work for Sandra, who ensures they generate an income for her. If they don’t steal enough money, Sandra makes their lives hell.
None of this is anything Elizabeth gives much thought to – it’s just the way things are. Until Sandra takes in Dune. She doesn’t like boys – they’re clumsy, and can’t fade innocuously into the background like girls can, significantly reducing their usefulness as thieves. But Sandra’s stuck, and when Dune enters the house everything starts to change; in teaching Dune abut her life, Elizabeth begins to wonder about it herself.
I wanted to like this YA novel, but just didn’t engage with it. I kept reading, hoping something more would emerge, but although the topic is interesting and the setting great, I wasn’t captured by the characters, their plight, or invested in the outcome. - Alex

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