Sunday, March 20

Craig Harper: Your Perfect Body-A State of Mind

From the back of the book-
Most weight-loss books advocate that creating your best body is all about diet and exercise. Exercise scientist and personal trainer Craig Harper says that for most people it is more about having the right attitude than it is about choosing the right nutritional philosophy or exercise program.While many books focus on food, Harper teachers that creating life-long change is more about the dieter than the actual diet.
"Once we fix the psychology, then we can address the physiology," he says.

Australia is a country which now offers more weight-loss options than ever before, yet as a society continues to get fatter by the year. More experts, more information, more gyms, more health retreats, more dietary options, more media hysteria and more fat Australians.

This book is written for those people who have a history of almost getting in shape.

The main thrust of this book reinforces a message that I have lately come to myself, losing weight and getting fit is more about habit and consistency than motivation, so naturally I thought it was good.
I quite liked that the perfect body of the title is not measured by some external standard but is a reference to whatever the reader is wanting to achieve.
The author delivers a kind of tough love telling the reader that the results they get are entirely dependent on the effort they make. But unlike many other diet books he doesn't 'blame the victim' if they don't achieve the results they were promised by a particular program. He, rather sensibly I feel, points out that not all programs will work for all people. If you have honestly stuck with a program, followed it to the letter, and not got the results you want, then maybe it is time to reassess what you're doing and try something else.
Your Perfect Body is a no-nonsense book that tells it like it is, unapologetically stating that attaining your perfect body and keeping it is hard work but achievable for anybody if it's what they really, really want.-Lynn

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Anonymous said...

I own this book, or I did, I have lent it to someone and not had it back. It is a fantastic book, it tells it how it is. Makes you look at yourself, only you can make a change & we need to be told that we make our own decisions in life. A quote from Craig himself goes something like this: "Death is not optional but how you live your life is optional". Basically stop blaming and making excuses. Oh I wish i could find my copy of this book!