Tuesday, July 17

A Few Demons More – Kim Harrison

Rachel Morgan has had an adventurous few months, and her life is only getting more tangled. Not surprising when you realise that she’s a formerly white witch (now a little demon-smudged) who lives with a living vampire (Ivy, with whom she has a precarious relationship that hovers somewhere dangerous) and a family of pixies, dates another living vampire (Kisten, who also has close ties with Ivy), is the member of a Were pack of two, and is responsible for the incarceration of the head of a vampire clan. Add to that the fact that her ex-boyfriend sold her out, her dear friend Jenks is rapidly aging (pixies have a short lifespan), and she has not one but two demon marks, and Rachel wasn’t ever going to have a quiet life. But when she finds demons ransacking her home, a still-sanctified church, without fear or restraint, Rachel’s already chaotic life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. The demons are looking for the Focus, a supernatural statue that allows Weres to turn humans, a move which would dramatically shift the balance of power from the more numerous but (mostly) controlled vampires to the in-fighting Were population.
This is the fifth in the Dead Witch Walking series, and Harrison has managed to tie together a number of formerly looseish ends, while adding new twists. But as each instalment places Rachel in deeper strife, her heroine grows a little less believable. It may be that I’ve overdosed a little on supernatural novels of late, or that I’m too distracted by real life to focus sufficiently closely on intricate plotting, but I really didn’t care that much by the end of the novel. A Few Demons More were a few too many for me. – Alex

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