Wednesday, November 7

Ravens Rising – Kerry Greenwood

Returning to the University from the Lightening Tower, the triumphant group are stunned to find Grattan Street deserted, the University walls unguarded and the gates locked. Overwhelmed with a sense of danger and apprehension, they seek refuge in a five-storey building opposite. When it becomes obvious that they were manipulated into the building by a coercive imposition of fear and danger, the group realise that something unexpected is afoot.
The something unexpected is a lonely and sentient computer looking for a human host. It splits the group into pairs and a trio (not realising that Thel and Flae are two), but it's intent of weakening them backfires. The bond that had already grown between Bran and Scathe strengthens and encompasses the others, and new psychic bonds grow between the others.
I read this some time before my review, have done quite a bit of reading in the interim, and am writing this on very little sleep, so I really won't be doing this final part of the Raven trilogy any favours, but it maintains the best elements of Greenwood's previous writing while still bringing something fresh. Compelling, inspiring, involving, romantic, warm. Greenwoodian. - Alex

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