Saturday, November 10

Running Blind – Desmond Bagley

Former espionage agent Alan Stewart left the service after an operation went bad and he learned the "double agent" he killed was a pawn. A Finnish national, Stewart routinely spends several months a year in Iceland, with his Icelandic girlfriend. When his former boss comes to him with a request to deliver a package during his usual trip it doesn't seem like a big deal. But things start out strange and just get stranger, until Stewart is forced to question whether he can trust anyone in his life.
This is the only Bagley novel to feature a spy - his heroes are usually ordinary men embroiled in extraordinary situations - and the only one to feature a sequel of sorts. It's also a great read - fast paced, with an involving hero, a spirited and strong love interest, a fascinating backdrop, and a complex plot. It doesn't matter than I've read this several times before, I was as gripped as the first time I read it, over twenty years ago. - Alex

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