Thursday, July 16

Jim Butcher: Fool Moon

Business has been slow for the only professional wizard in the phone book, so when the police call him in to consult on an unusual murder he can’t afford to turn the job down.
At first glance it seems obvious: a mutilated corpse, strange paw prints, a full moon, it’s got to be a werewolf.But werewolves are not as straightforward as one might think. There are several different varieties and he’s about to take on at least four flavours of wild beast in an attempt to stop a brutal murderous spree.
His hunt is hampered by the police and the FBI who are both involved in investigating the murders and refuse to admit the obvious. And all the while a local crime boss is using the killings as a cover for his own revenge plans against the wizard who refuses to join his empire.
With his magic failing, too many people wanting him dead and a large helping of guilt over the deaths, the wizard fights on in the face of certain death and manages to somehow make it out battered but alive.
The second book in this series, Fool Moon delivers good characterisation and a fast paced plot.
I read the first in the series, Storm Front, quite some time ago and to be honest the story felt a little bland. As a result I haven’t followed the series. I picked this instalment up on a whim and was surprised by just how much better it was than my memory of the first book would have me expect.The world building is succinct and yet detailed enough to give the reader a good impression of the wizard’s reality. Characters are complex and completely believable. Hints of romance in a well blended secondary plot add an extra dimension of interest. And a twist at the end is wholly unexpected.
This story has all the colour that I missed in the first one.Butcher makes the combination of paranormal and old-fashioned hard-boiled detective work. This is a series well worth pursuing and I will.-Lynn.

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