Tuesday, July 28

A Snow Ball in Hell - Christopher Brookmyre

When reality TV show Bedroom Popstars airs it seems like just another step on the devolution of a genre – contestants need no talent other than the ability to mime in time with other people’s music.
Incensed, and lured by the softness of the targets, a criminal decides to create his own reality show – one that has more bite and higher stakes. Kidnapping third rate celebrities and television personalities (beginning with a record producer), her broadcasts his program over the internet
I really wish I’d reviewed A Snowball in Hell when I read it, because the distance of many months has sadly left only a fragmentary memory. I do remember that I thoroughly enjoyed both the novel itself and the return of a couple of genuinely interesting characters. Like all Brookmyre’s work, this manages to combine action, crime and twisted comedy to create a unique and utterly enjoyable whole. So enjoyable, in fact, that I’m tempted to reread it - Alex

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