Wednesday, September 9

Jennifer Crusie: Bet Me

After being dumped by her boyfriend for refusing to sleep with him, a woman overhears him making a bet with a handsome man that he will not be able to sleep with her either. Wanting her ex to lose the bet and needing a date to her sister’s wedding the woman agrees to have dinner with the man. The two seem incompatible and the woman decides that a wedding date isn’t worth the effort. They part pleasantly with no intention of meeting up again.
But Fate has other plans and over the course of the month they find themselves often in each other’s company. The woman finds him harder to resist than the carbs she’s not supposed to eat and he can’t understand why he can’t get her out of his mind.
The situation in complicated by their friends hooking up and their respective ex-lovers joining up in an attempt to win them back-something neither of them wants.
Being a romance the two naturally end up happy together.
Light, fluffy and sweet, this book is an easy read that demands nothing from the reader and delivers an entertaining story.
It was novel to find a plus sized heroine who was actually large and faced real issues about her size but was not whiney with it. I found her weight obsessed mother and her passion for carbs a little OTT but at least they were comic and possibly reflective of real attitudes. Best of all I liked that this heroine didn’t have to lose the weight to win her man.
The humour worked for me in the main (though the climactic scene involving most of the main characters seemed a bit silly to me) being sharp and clever.
The plot was straightforward and yet complex, the characters interesting and the pace spot on.
Crusie’s work has been a bit hit and miss for me in the past. This was definitely a hit.-Lynn

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