Monday, September 14

Mike Carey: Vicious Circle

Desperate for cash an exorcist takes on a seemingly insignificant case searching for a ‘missing’ ghost. But it soon becomes apparent that there is more to this than meets the eye. He is brutally encouraged to drop the case by an excommunicated catholic sect in addition to being physically and psychically attacked by a fellow exorcist.
It transpires that he and his friends have been inadvertently dragged into the middle of a satanic cult’s attempt to raise one of the fiercest demon’s in Hell and every attempt to disengage from the plot only digs him in deeper.
Eventually he manages to thwart the cult and derail their resurrection plan but at a high personal cost.
This is the second book in the Felix Castor series and I enjoyed it immensely. The main character has grown considerably since his introduction in the first novel. As do the secondary characters, albeit to a lesser extent.
The world building is good and believable (though I could do with a little less London geography), but there is no further explanation as to why there is a sudden increase in ghosts of one sort or another. This is something that bothered me about the first novel and I had hoped to see it addressed but it seems that this is something the reader will simply have to take on faith.
Carey’s confidence in these characters and this world seems to have grown and the result was a richer, deeper novel with a strong streak of dark humour that appealed to me. The plot was convoluted but easy enough to follow and it all came together nicely in the end.
I have become quite enamoured of the phrase "I can’t believe it’s not cognac". I’m very much sold on this series and will be hunting out the rest.-Lynn

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