Wednesday, November 25

Brigands MC – Robert Muchamore

After a long absence the Cherubs are back! Eight year old Dante Scott’s father is an official in the South Devon chapter of one of the most feared motorcycle clubs in the world. The Brigands have strong ties to organized crime, drugs and gun running, but to Dante they’re a group of cool adults he’s known all his life. That is until an internal argument ends in a bloodbath – Dante’s parents, older brother and sister are shot and killed, and he and his baby sister are in protective custody. With no family, no ties, and a strong need for unassailable safety, Dante’s a good CHERUB candidate.
Eight years later, Dante returns to the campus after a three year mission in Northern Ireland. The kids he knew have grown up, but he still recognizes his old friend James, and the hotter, older version of the first person he ever met on campus, James’s younger sister Lauren. When the opportunity to infiltrate the South Devon Brigands comes up, Dante leaps at the opportunity. But can he put his grudge against the Führer, the father of his former best friend, the head of the South Devon chapter, and the man who slaughtered his family, to one side in order to carry out his mission?

Up until now the only CHERUB-agents back stories we've heard in detail have been those of James and Lauren - I really enjoyed getting a different perspective, and found Dante a fascinating character. The Muchamore characteristics of well-developed characters, realistic dialogue, fast-paced plotting, danger and intrigue, and realism (once you accept the underlying premise) combine to create another worthwhile addition to this entertaining stable. My only concern is that, following the usual epilogue section, the teaser for the next book is capped "James Adams will be back for one final adventure." I do hope this means he graduates but the series goes on; I fear, however, that it heralds the end of this really well written series. - Alex

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