Thursday, January 14

Never Change - Elizabeth Berg

Myra Lipinski has never demanded much of life. Her parents never really wanted her, she faded into the background at school, and she always figured that she didn't really deserve anything more. The bright spot in her life is her work - from the moment she began her nursing degree Myra was a star, captivated by the knowledge and skilled at the technical aspects, she moved from intensive care to home nursing, where her patients could speak to her and where she could see the impact she made on their lives.
When Myra's allocated a new, terminal patient, she's a little thrilled to find it's Chip Reardon, the boy she always dreamed of at high school. With only months to live, is it too late for Myra to find love?
Though more of a romance than any of Berg's other books, or at least those I've thus far read, Never Change is as much about the relationships Myra has with her patients, and with herself, as it is her developing relationship with Chip.
Like her other books, though, Never Change is lyric, seamlessly crafted, and vibrantly real. I found it easy to relate to Myra,. whose life is not so very different from mine in a number of respects (though quite different in others), and was interested in her journey. Though I've connected more strongly with other of Berg's protagonists, I did very much enjoy the Never Change experience - Alex

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