Monday, January 18

Undead and Unworthy - Maryjanice Davidson

Undead queen of the vampires Betsy Sinclair has celebrated just over a year of her reign - now married and the legal guardian of her half-brother BabyJon, she's struggling to overcome the shock her posse feel following the exposure of a new talent - sucking the life out of someone without even touching them, even if the resulting energy did cure her best friend of a particularly tenacious leukemia and help her friend Antonia finally be able to turn wolf at the full moon, all while saving her beloved and Fiend-turned-friend Garrett.
Her attempts at normalcy are not helped by the now overt hostility of her best friend Jessica's cop boyfriend, the unhappily aware Fiends, feuding with her mother and, worst of all, being haunted by the ghost of her step-monster.
This is book 7 in the Betsy series. I read the last two Undead books out of order, and re-read Undead and Uneasy to catch up. In the process I realised that my review was woefully inadequate, glossing as it did over several key plotpoints and completely failing to mention the darker tone of that installment in the Betsy saga. Undead and Unworthy continues that arc - though superficially as light as the first five novels, Betsy's begun to grow up, and her consequences have actions that extend beyond herself. In Undead and Unworthy we see more deaths of significant characters, in a series of truly unfortunate events. I found this new take interesting, and though I feel sorry for Betsy I'm really interested in where Davidson's going to take her next, both in terms of plot and also in character development. - Alex

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