Thursday, May 20

Douglas Preston: The Codex

When an eccentric millionaire is given only months to live he decides to go out with a bang. He takes all his possessions and has himself entombed with them at a secret location. Whichever of his sons discovers the tomb first inherits all. The race is on but it is not only the man’s sons who are seeking his final resting place. Included amongst this hidden treasure is an ancient Mayan codex believed to document cures for cancer and other deadly diseases-cures that will bring extraordinary wealth to whoever holds their copyright, wealth that giant pharmaceutical companies are prepared to kill for.
The sons soon realise that they are hunted as well as hunters and band together in order to save their lives as well as discover their father’s tomb. As time wears on and their situation becomes more and more desperate they come to understand that their bond is more important than any treasure and they come to respect and accept each others differences. Finding the hidden hoard is a bonus.
You know what you’re getting with Douglas Preston: a bundle of clich├ęs wrapped up in a fast-paced plot populated by two-dimensional characters. Knowing that going in you can just relax, suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride.
There are no surprises here. You know who’s going to get the girl right from the start, you know that the villains will get their comeuppance and the plot twists are a surprise to nobody but the main characters. If you’ve read any of this author’s work you know what to expect and this book won’t disappoint. You’ll get what you came for-an easily read, superficial Indiana Jones-esque adventure.
When you’re not looking for great literary merit or a reading challenge but something light, fast and predictable then this is where you’ll find it.-Lynn

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