Monday, May 3

Laura Anne Gilman: Bring It On

After a seemingly routine job went pear-shaped and resulted in the death of a long time friend all this witch wants is life to return to normal. So when she is asked to retrieve a piece of jewellery at the centre of an inheritance dispute, it looks like just the kind of simple task she needs. But nothing is ever easy and she soon discovers the necklace in question is, in fact, a powerful artefact. Considering it too dangerous to pass on to the woman who hired her, she knows she should turn it in to the authorities. But she can’t trust the magical authorities, who she strongly suspects are behind the disappearance of a number of her freelance colleagues.
Those same freelance colleagues who are dragging her into the middle of a coalition whose one purpose is to fight the authorities by forming an alliance with other persecuted magical creatures.
With the magical community on the brink of open warfare, she must find a safe place for the artefact and choose her side.
This is the third book in the retriever series and the story is starting to pick up pace. With the world well established in the first two novels, this book focuses on the bigger story arc and events directly related to it, leaving the tale of this instalment as an almost secondary plot. This being the case, it is definitely not a stand alone read.
The main characters and their relationships to each other continue to develop and the tension is building nicely as the plot steams ahead.
I’ve quite enjoyed this series so far, and from its scarce availability at my local library I’m guessing others have as well. There are only three more books left in the series and I am seriously considering grabbing all three so I can know how it all ends up.-Lynn

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