Thursday, June 3

Jim Butcher: Summer Knight

When the Winter Queen of the Faeries forces a wizard to clear her name by finding out who murdered the Summer Queen’s Knight, he thinks things can’t get much worse. He’s wrong. The future of the world depends on him solving the case before war breaks out between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, taking the rest of the planet with it.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, somebody has put out a contract on his life and he is being relentlessly pursued by paranormal hit men, his presumed dead ex-girlfriend has turned up not very dead at all and he still can’t find a way to break the curse that threatens to turn the love of his life into a vampire.
This is the fourth book in the Dresden Files series and it has much stronger fantasy elements than its predecessors. While it has, the now familiar, pile of problems upon problems, this time, at least, the hero isn’t constantly pulling power out of his tapped out supply (a habit that I found particularly annoying in an earlier story).
The pacing is excellent, the characters continue to develop and the world is now solidly built. This particular book could be read as a stand alone novel but familiarity with what has gone before certainly enriches the story.
I’ve found my interest in the series so far to be mild and this instalment hasn’t changed that. I will continue with it as I come across the books but I’m not motivated to deliberately seek them out. Still, having said that, they are a cut above a lot of the fantasy works out there at the moment and worth a look if you’re interested in the genre.-Lynn

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