Thursday, June 17

Laura Anne Gilman: Burning Bridges

With vigilante attacks against magic users increasing exponentially the magical community has decided it’s time to start fighting back. But the Mage Council, the largest organized body of magic users, is being torn apart by internal politics and is of no help to anyone. The situation requires delicate handling, that handling falls into the lap of an independent witch who wants nothing to do with it.
She reluctantly accepts the challenge of holding the magical community together, even while her life is falling apart. The writing is on the wall for her relationship with her business partner and lover as they both face problems that the other can only exacerbate and find themselves being pulled increasingly in different directions.
Questions of loyalty and trust abound as the magical community is pushed into an unavoidable confrontation with those that would destroy them all.
This is the fourth in the retriever series and picks up where the third left off focussing on further developing the larger story arc with the actual retrieval little more than a footnote in the story. As such it could not be read as a stand alone novel and make very much sense.
As might be expected at this point in the series the pace is very fast as the story picks up momentum. The character development is excellent, the dynamics between the main pair particularly textured and believable.
I like that the witch is being forced to develop abilities that have not come naturally to her in the past and that she is bad at those things, however, I didn’t like the sudden new dependence on those talents.
Overall an excellent instalment that has left me as eager as ever to find out how the series ends.-Lynn

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