Monday, October 4

Michael Crichton - Pirate Latitudes

Privateer Captain Charles Hunter has been hired by Jamaica's governor to explore the Mantaceros, an island fortress, where a treasure-laden (apparently) galleon awaits protection for her journey home to Spain.
Set in the mid seventeenth century, Pirate Latitudes is a significant departure on many fronts from Crichton's usual work, which tends to explore intersections of two or more of modern culture, health care, contentious issues, and emerging technologies. The manuscript was found on a computer and was apparently completed before his death, along with another novel (to be published in 2012, which suggests a lack of completion). I certainly found it less satisfying or engrossing than his other works, which I generally found absorbing and well-written. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into Pirate Latitudes, which I abandoned about 100 pages. - Alex

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