Wednesday, October 20

Laura Anne Gilman: Free Fall

After the events of the last book in this series, Burning Bridges, the magical community is in disarray and the target of increasingly violent vigilante attacks. But that is the last thing on one woman’s mind. Her partner/lover has apparently been unable to let past loyalties go and has left her alone just when she needs him more than ever.
In order to take her mind off things she accepts what should be a simple retrieval job. She soon finds her mission wasn’t what she’d thought it to be and comes to the conclusion her people can no longer hide.
They are at war for their very survival and don’t stand a chance at open warfare. So she decides to fight back her own way-save those she can and inflict maximum damage to the enemy in the process. The battle is brutal and there are major losses on both sides and she is far from unscathed. But at the end of the day she knows who her real friends are and is relieved that her old partner/lover is amongst their number.
This is the second last book in this series and it reads very much as a continuation of the previous novel, so unlike earlier episodes it does not stand alone.
There is plenty of action and danger is ever present making for a fast paced read that is somehow less satisfying than it should be. There is a lot going on as the overarching plot reaches its zenith and I think perhaps character development suffers a little due to the rapid plot pace. A shame because the main character faces significant personal issues that I would have liked to have seen explored.
Overall this wasn’t a bad book but it was far from the best in the series. To be honest it felt a bit experimental, as if the author wanted to push the characters in a direction they didn’t want to go and their resistance shines through making the story feel false.
I can only hope that the final book in the series sees everyone back on track.-Lynn

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