Sunday, December 5

Derek Wilson: Tripletree

When a woman is found in a lake at an exclusive celebrity house warming party the coroner enters a verdict of accidental death. But then the host’s wife insists she murdered the woman reenacting a past life scenario then blanked the event from her mind, causing her husband no end of worry. In an effort to prevent her from turning herself in to the police he asks an acquaintance TV parapsychologist to get to the bottom of the matter.
The man soon finds himself sucked into the mire of small town politics and facing considerable personal danger. However he tenaciously follows up on all he discovers eventually unravelling a web of deceit, murder and blackmail that goes back decades and eventually unmasking the woman’s true killer.
With the byline "Introducing Nathaniel Gye", paranormal investigator, a synopsis that mentions “supernatural haunting” and “witchcraft” and a primary storyline based on reincarnation, I expected this story to have a strong paranormal bent. Instead what I got was a straight forward murder mystery with a passing mention of supernatural elements. Somehow, I felt cheated. I would have been happier with a die hard sceptic debunking a fraud than this half hearted nod to the supernatural.
To top it off the writing style was a little too much tell rather than show for my taste and the main character came off as flat.
Having said that the mystery was well thought out and the denouement came as a surprise but was entirely believable.
I had hoped to find a new series to follow but I have been disappointed.-Lynn

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