Wednesday, December 15

The Quilter's Homecoming - Jennifer Chiaverini

Elizabeth Nelson left Pennsylvania with no little sadness - with one exceptiong she was leaving everyone she knew and loved behind her, from the security of her family's wealth to her adorable and stubborn young cousin Sylvia. It was that one exception, however, that made the leaving worthwhile, for Elizabeth was leaving home with her best friend and brand new husband, Henry.
Securely packed in their trunks are the quilts Elizabeth has made, lovingly and meticulously stitched together. As she packed, and as they make the long journey to California, Elizabeth imagines the first night in their new home, on the 120 acres of Triumph Ranch. but when the newly-weds arrive in the Arboles Valley they discover they are just the most recent of several couples duped by unscrupulous con men - there is no Triumph Ranch and their deed is a forgery. Penniless and dejected, Elizabeth and Henry have only their love for one another and their work ethic to support themselves.
I know next to nothing about the era (mid-nineteen twenties) or the region (America's west coast), but the historical details ring true, without being overt or forced. I really enjoyed reading The Quilter's Homecoming, in no small part because the mystery of Sylvia Bergstrom Compton's favourite cousin has been dangled before us in several previous novels. The biggest unanswered question - why she lost contact with the rest of the family - is answered, and having a new cast relieved a little of the ennui I've been feeling with the series, more due to my immersion in it that a decrease in creative quality, I suspect. - Alex

The Elm Creek Quilt series:
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2. Round Robin
3. The Cross-Country Quilters
The Runaway Quilt
5. The Quilter's Legacy
The Master Quilter
7. The Sugar Camp Quilt
8. The Christmas Quilt
9. Circle of Quilters
10. The Quilter's Homecoming
11. The New Year's Quilt
12. The Winding Ways Quilt
13. The Quilter's Kitchen

14. The Lost Quilter
15. A Quilter's Holiday
16. The Aloha Quilt

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