Friday, August 10

Blinded – Stephen White

When Gibbs Storey calls psychologist Alan Gregory, he can’t remember all the details but he does remember her immediately, despite the fact that it’s been several years since he and colleague/partner Diane Estevez co-treated Gibbs and her husband, and despite the fact that the couple left therapy after only three sessions. Her beauty, breathy voice, vulnerability and coy sexuality might have had something to do with it
Gibbs is concerned that her husband Sterling may have murdered a mutual friend several years earlier, and she’s conflicted about what to do. She is, however, very clear about what Alan can tell other people. Gibbs gives Alan written permission to share some of the information she gives him with other people, including Diane, and Alan’s good friend and Boulder cop Sam Purdy.
Sam has other things on his mind, though. His wife and child have left, leaving him alone as thanksgiving approaches. And, to add insult to injury, he has a heart attack, which forces him to take time off work. And things aren’t rosy for Alan on the home front either – his prosecutor wife’s MS is flaring again, and somehow confidential client information is spilling out of his office.
This is the umpty-somethingth instalment in the still-captivating Alan Gregory series. I have long had a soft spot for Boulder, based solely on the loving way White describes it. Despite the somewhat formulaic premise – clinical psychologist solves any number of crimes, with the assistance of best friend and cop – I find myself looking forward to each new book with as much anticipation as ever, and have never been disappointed (which is more than I can say for the more popular Jonathan Kellerman – don’t get me wrong, I like his books too, just not as much). If the genre interests you, and you want to read about interesting people, realistic but tricky mysteries, and are fascinated by the oddness of people, give Alan Gregory a go. You won’t be disappointed. - Alex

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