Monday, August 6

Mary Roach: Spook - Science Tackles The Afterlife

Roach presents an examination of parapsychological research, investigating some of the theories about what becomes of the personality after death and some of the methods (both modern and historical) used to find supportive evidence for such theories.
The author makes it very clear right from the start that she is approaching this subject from an objective, scientific perspective rather than on a more esoteric level.
She includes a number of anecdotes (first and second hand), interviews a wide variety of people ranging from quantum physicists to EVP recording enthusiasts and tells of her experience at a school for mediums.
I had hoped, given the title, for more of an evaluation of scientific approaches used to investigate the afterlife than was presented here. However my disappointment was minor, the book was both entertaining and informative. The results of Roach’s study were interesting. The writing was easily accessible with minimal use of jargon. Footnotes provided interesting and often very amusing asides.
This is a great reminder that academic works need not be the dry, serious presentations they usually are. They can be both amusing and educational in the hands of a competent reporter-Lynn.

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