Sunday, August 12

Loretta Chase: Lord Perfect

A precocious young lord is lured by his drawing teacher’s daughter on a wild quest for legendary treasure. The only hope of avoiding a scandal is for the children to be found before society discovers they are missing. So the drawing teacher, a young widow from a notorious family and the boy’s uncle, a widower of impeccable manners and breeding take up their trail.
Well aware of their differences in status the two try not to fall in love but the situation is hopeless. The longer they spend in each other’s company, the greater they come to respect, like and lust after each other. Several times the widow tries to leave, going to some lengths in trying to make the man hate her but with some scheming on the part of the children and their families, they get their happy ever after.
This was a thoroughly delightful story peopled with convincing three-dimensional characters. I particularly liked the authenticity of the main characters. I could understand their motivation. And I could believe their reluctance to have any sort of relationship with each other in spite of the attraction between them. I liked the way this story was laced with a subtle humour that felt completely natural and the fact that at no point did the plot feel in the least contrived.
The narrow focus of the story could have become dull but in the hands of this extremely competent writer it unfolded at a steady pace that maintained my interest from start to finish.
I am very excited to have finally discovered this author and her charming style. If you like historical romance read this, you’ll be glad you did.-Lynn

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