Wednesday, August 6

All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris

Mind-reading waitress/vampire's assistant Sookie Stackhouse is back, this time accompanying the Queen of Louisiana to a vampire summit, where the Queen will be tried for the murder of her husband, hours after they were married. The summit was postponed and postponed, and is now taking place after Hurricane Katrina, which strikes Sookie as a little suspicious. And it's not like nothing else is going on - for a start, she's still avoiding ex-lover Vampire Bill, and her ne'er-do-well, just-turned-change-changer brother's getting married, to a highly unsuitable were.
All Together Dead is a pleasant enough diversion, offering nothing particularly new and exciting. But if you like the voice, can overlook the bizarre attraction unconsciously exerted by Sookie on almost every supernatural male within sniffing distance, and you need a little escapism, this could be your book. - Alex

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