Sunday, August 3

Swimming Without a Net - Maryjanice Davidson

Mermaid Fred's back. It's a year on, and nothing much has changed. She's still working at the aquarium (where her best friend and her boss are still distressingly hot for one another), still torn between the handsome marine biologist with a mermaid fetish and the princely merman (neither of whom she's seen in almost that whole year), and still trying to fit between two cultures.
All that changes when the King of the Undersea Folk demands she attend a pelagic - all the undersea folk are attending, to determine whether of not they'll disclose their existence the land dwellers, and he wants her perspective as one of the Folk who's lived amongst them all her life. With no choice but to attend, somehow all Fred's other issues come along for the ride, too - marine scientist Thomas, in a custom-built Underwater Recreation Vehicle (URV); best friend Jonas; Dr Barb, her boss, somehow turns up too; and of course High Prince Artur, son of the King, is playing an integral role.
This is a bit of light-hearted rompiness, perfect for a break from more taxing fare. Thomas is draw a little too perfectly ("He's a marine biologist, he's an M.D., he writes books, he's rich, and he designs underwater love nests. Is there anything he can't do?"), and I found the 'torn between two lovers' thing a bit irritating, but the novel ends with that being resolved, which alleviated that somewhat. I'll probably give the third one a bash when I see it, but I won't hunt it down. - Alex

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