Saturday, August 2

Silence - Thomas Perry

When cop-turned-PI Jack Till helped Wendy Harper disappear, he hoped it would be the ast time he heard of her. Afraid to go to the police, and in fear for her life, she'd only escaped a fatal beating by chance. Six years on a torn, blood-soaked fragment of clothing and a smeared baseball bat have been found in the garden of chef Eric Fuller, her former partner, evidence the DA's office is using to file murder charges. Only Jack, and the person who planted the evidence, know Wendy's really alive. Only Jack can clear Eric, in a move that will bring Wendy back out into the open, a target for a killer who still wants her dead.
Though not a patch on Perry's Jane White series, Silence is a fair piece of suspense. The action is described from two points of view, Jack and the two hired killers trying to find Wendy by following him. The reader learns a little about how to change your identity, and how a created identity can be deconstructed, which I always find interesting.
However, though the plot twists unpredictably, I found the whole thing a little flat - many of the details (Jack's daughter, Sylvie-the-assassin's slowly unwound background) seemed included to add character dimension without being integral to anything, the gradually growing distance between the killers didn't interest or surprise me, and I didn't feel invested in the outcome. From another author I'd probably be happy enough, but I've come to expect a higher standard from Perry. - Alex

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