Sunday, October 18

Jenna Mills: Veiled Legacy

Two years ago a pregnant MI-6 agent went into hiding after escaping a dangerous affair. But she knows she can’t hide forever, and when she sees that a woman who could be her twin has been murdered in the same town that was her last known location she decides that attack might very well be the best form of defence.
She returns undercover to confront her ex-lover and his powerful family. In the process she discovers a remarkable secret to which she is heir. A secret people have died to protect. A secret her daughters father may have killed to unearth.
She weaves her way through a tangled web, learning to trust again along the way and fitting her piece into an ever growing and dangerous puzzle
This is the sixth book in the Madonna Key series, and I thought, a return to form.
There is action aplenty, of course, and the return of characters from earlier episodes. But unlike in book five, this time the characters feel better integrated into the story. The main character shows herself to be intelligent in a street smart kind of way-she behaves much as one would expect an agent, or in this case an ex-agent to-but vulnerable when it comes to personal relationships.
The affair with a married man was an unusual twist and it took me a while to come around to him as a love interest. Not because he was married but because in previous books he has behaved in a manner that is ambiguous at best and outright ruthless more often. In fact, it is his acceptance by more established characters that is the one element of this book that I found hard to believe.
There is only one book left in this series and I am quite looking forward to the final. - Lynn

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