Monday, October 19

Roses are Dead - Loren D Estleman

Peter Macklin likes to go about his day minding his own business - okay, he's a contract killer, but he keeps a low profile. When someone puts a hit out on him, Macklin's life gets complicated, particularly when he can't find out who wants him dead. And to add to the mess, his wife's hired a divorce lawyer and his son's decided to follow in his father's footsteps.
I often discover fiction authors new to me through references in other novels; in We Have to Talk About Kevin, Eva mentions that Franklin always liked Estleman's books so I decided to check him out. If you like your crime noir then Estleman's your man - though the setting is contemporary the mood and style are decidedly thirties, and the plot zipped along. I, unfortunately, have an aversion to the genreand was unable to separate this central aspect from the rest of the writing, and therefore had to set Roses are Dead aside early on. - Alex

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