Tuesday, February 16

Jonathan Biggins: As It Were-A Satirical and Humorous Look Through History

This collection of short essays presents a fictionalised potted history of everything from the creation of the universe (In the beginning God created the committee and things went downhill from there) through to the destruction of the earth (leaving the continuance of the human race to a space station full of overly political correct personnel).
This collection of stories is best read with considerable breaks between instalments. The writer’s style is amusing in small doses but becomes tiresome very quickly. Though perhaps, that is just me. Humour is a very personal thing and written humour is quite difficult to carry off.
Like any collection the quality of the individual essays varied. I found some pieces very funny but much of it left me flat. This was all a bit too hit or miss for me and I can’t say I’ll be following up this particular author any time soon.-Lynn

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