Thursday, February 4

This Charming Man - Marian Keyes

When charming Irish politician Paddy de Courcy's engagement is announced, five women are particularly affected - his long-time girlfriend Lola, journalist Grace, Grace's sister Marnie (whose first lover was Paddy), and fiancée Alicia. Through these women we learn the secrets of Paddy's life, and the dark secret that binds them.
But I have no idea what that dark secret may be, because I couldn't make it more than half way though Lola's section, let alone to Alicia. This was partly because of the deeply angsty diary entries that comprise Lola's perspective (oh! the tragedy! he's engaged to another and won't return my calls! even if I make over a hundred a day! everything is life is terrible! and I would take him back in a moment even though he's a cheating bastard who would never be seen in public with me and who told me she was just a friend). And it was partly because of the annoyance of having Lola leave out sentence parts when reporting speech, like
"Could make you a little sandwich. Will see what's in fridge." or:

"Not!" Bridie dismissed it with a flourish of her hand. "I know all that goes on. Situation in Milan doesn't require his presence. I suspect he has his eye on an Italian lady. Will not facilitate his philandering."

This habit became increasingly grating as I read on, and finally undid me to the point where I pout this Charming Man to one side and just couldn't pick it back up. - Alex

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