Saturday, February 6

Julie Kenner: Carpe Demon

A retired demon hunter suddenly finds herself back on active duty when a spate of demon attacks occur in her, hitherto, demon-free small town.
Fifteen years out of the game have hardly left her in peak condition and with a two year old still in nappies, a teenaged daughter and husband with an eye on political office, the last thing she has time for is demon hunting.
But with the help of her best friend and an elderly hunter of questionable sanity, she manages to take on her old role without letting her family know what she’s up to.
And though it’s a close thing, she does manage to save the day.
This was a refreshing change from what has become the norm of this genre. Unlike many of her compatriots this demon hunter has no magical powers, relying on knowledge and training to do her demon destroying thing. Neither is she young, fit and oversexed. Instead she’s middle-aged, exhausted by her daily to-do list and has priorities other than herself. A situation that undoubtedly a lot of readers will relate to.
The writing is well paced and has just the right amount and style of humour to be funny without tripping over into ridiculous.
Though the heroine is a little slow to pick up on signs the red herrings are believable. I spotted the twist coming but even so was delighted Kenner didn’t go down the obvious track.
This book is the first in a series and though I enjoyed it I think it could grow old very quickly so I would suggest a long gap between instalments.-Lynn

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