Tuesday, April 6

Double Vision - Fiona Brand

Rita Morrell lost her sightwhen she was young, in the car accident that killed her mother. Almost twenty years later she still suffers from psychosomatic blindness, until a series of accidents restore not only her vision but a second sight. This, along with the realisation that her husband is not only an integral part of a South American crime syndicate but also responsible for the fatal car 'accident,' cause her to turn to the CIA. But not even a false identity can protect her from the man she once loved.
Apparently. And I'm guessing, based on the prologue set in 1944 Germany, that the heart of the whole thing is a Nazi scandal plus or minus a treasure or secret weapon. Because, though I was intrigued by the admittedly-familiar premise, I just couldn't make my way past the end of chapter three - the florid and breathless writing style annoyed me, and the characters didn't grip me. Above all, which I only realised when writing this review, the first 51 pages (which is all I read) were chock full of tell, with almost nothing shown. So for me, this was a pass. - Alex

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