Friday, April 30

Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie

Sophie Dempsey wants a quiet life - between her con artist father and younger siblings in need of a substitute mother, her childhood ended fairly early. her brother's safely off in Hollywood, and she's set up a wedding video business with her sister Amy that combines her stability and organisation with Amy's unique and quirky insights.
When Amy wants to film failed film star Clea Whipple's return to the small town she left, Sophie's happy to help. But there's something about Temptation that challenges her neat and tidy life, beginning with hereditary mayor Phineas Tucker. Before she knows it, Sophie's broken up with her therapist boyfriend Brandon, making a film that's becoming increasingly pornographic by the day, unwillingly bonded with a motherless girl, adopted a freeway dog, embroiled in small town politics, and fallen for the mayor. And that's before she gets involved in the murder.
Crusie's novels are more substantial than the average romance, with glints of humour and a real integrity.The journey is a joy, the characters jumped off the page, and the twisty plot was involving. - Sadly, at the moment everything pales in comparison with Shinn, but it was still pretty good. - Alex

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