Thursday, April 22

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes - Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer & Anne Stuart

Dee, Lizzie and Mare Fortune have been dubiously blessed with magical powers - powers that are unschooled, poorly controlled and unpredictable, particularly when attractive men are around. So it's particularly problematic that, through what seems like a strange confluence of coincidences but is actually the meddling of their estranged aunt Xan, each of them will encounter the right man for them, at just the wrong time.
The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes sounds promising - a more grown up Charmed perhaps, written by two authors I've enjoyed (Crusie and Dreyer) plus an unknown (to me) third). The combination of proven writing ability, romance, magic, a little zaniness and a plotting relative - what could go wrong?
Perhaps it's just that I was fresh from the great Shinn, and anxious to return to her world. Perhaps I just wasn't in the right head space. Or perhaps it just wasn't that engaging.This was so disappointing, as I had good expectations, though somewhat ameliorated by my previous, mixed, experiences of the Little Black Dress imprint. Whatever the reason, I limped through it, finding the dialogue, premise and intrigue less convincing by the page until, at chapter four, I abandoned the Misses Fortune to their fates. - Alex

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