Tuesday, November 23

Christopher Moore: A Dirty Job

When a man’s wife suddenly dies shortly after giving birth to their daughter, he struggles to continue on. This would be a difficult enough time without strange voices whispering to him from the sewers and people and pets dropping dead all around him. At first he thinks grief might be driving him insane but everything starts to make sense when he finds out that he has been recruited as Death.
He soon comes to accept his role and integrates it into an otherwise mundane life. But over the years dark forces are gaining strength, his daughter develops some unusual abilities and his colleagues are being murdered. It is only when a couple of people refuse to die that he decides things are getting out of hand and he makes a stand for the good of all mankind.
Moore’s trademarked warped sense of humour shines through in this work and I enjoyed reading it. The ensemble of whacky characters worked well but the main character’s obtuseness got a little irritating at times.
I only read this book a week or so ago and already the finer details escape me and that’s okay. This is a light, comedic fantasy not an in depth moral commentary. I remember the reading with fondness, if not the story itself.
Certainly the humour won’t appeal to everyone but I like it well enough.-Lynn

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