Wednesday, November 17

Laura Anne Gilman: Blood From Stone

After the final battle had been fought and won, all this retriever wanted was to return to her quite life. But things can never really return to normal with society so changed and her attempts to force them to result in her having to face the worst of her past.
On top of that she’s having trouble renegotiating the boundaries of a relationship that has been put to the ultimate test.
When an old friend asks for her help she doesn’t hesitate but she soon discovers that she’s taken on some fairly powerful dark magicians and if she doesn’t get things right it’s not only her life that’s on the line.
Naturally she manages to save the day.
This is the last book in the retriever series and as much as I enjoy this world I think it was the right time to end it. I think to continue on could have compromised character integrity and stretched believability beyond breaking point. Not all the threads are neatly tied up and the open ending felt right.
This particular instalment was a return to the basics of the first book. There was a job to do and our heroine got in there and did it. It was small and personal and I quite enjoyed the simplicity of that after the complexities of previous episodes. Character development continued right through until the end and the story finished with great hope for the future.
There author has set another series in this world, following the adventures of a minor character from this series. I’m not certain that I will be reading it any time soon but I am glad that the option is there should I wish to revisit this universe.-Lynn.

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