Sunday, November 7

Tithe - Holly Black

Sixteen year old Kaye has grown up accustomed to a nomadic life - her mother's in a band, and not exactly the most maternal or protective of women. When circumstances compel them to return to her childhood home on the New Jersey shore, Kaye is reminded of the imaginary friends of her youth, vibrant characters who never fully left her. And she discovers they are real, they are faeries, and she is too.
For some reason I didn't connect with Tithe at all - I didn't even persist for very long, quitting before I hit the forty page mark. Black has a strong reputation, and Tithe - the first in a trilogy - has also been well received and reviewed; this leads me to suspect that the fault lies with me rather than the novel, and perhaps I'll give Tithe another try when I'm in a more amenable mood. - Alex

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