Tuesday, July 1

Holly Black: Tithe

A teenager returning to her family home after living with her nomadic mother discovers that the fairies of her childhood memories are not the inventions of an active imagination. They are real and she is one of them. She is a changeling and as if that is not hard enough to cope with, her otherworldly childhood friends are not the innocent beings she remembers.
These creatures are blood thirsty, singularly amoral and involved in an ages long power struggle, which she is reluctantly drawn into when her two worlds collide.
Romance, intrigue, magic, dark, depraved deeds and a little humour are all here in this modern fairy tale. The difficulties of not fitting in with peers are addressed with just the right amount of teenaged angst, as is the pain and confusion of first love and discovering that those you thought your friends didn’t really have your best interests at heart.
The world building, both mortal and fairy, is discrete and believable. The story itself was intricate without becoming overly complex. Overall a great fantasy read. I will definitely be looking for other works by this author-Lynn

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