Thursday, July 17

Patricia Briggs: Blood Bound

A vampire is terrorising the neighbourhood and a shapeshifter is asked by a vampire friend to help him pull the renegade into line. It was meant to be a simple job but unknown to them the renegade, a pawn in an intricate vampire political power play, is possessed by a demon.
When he attacks the shapeshifter her werewolf friends decide to kill him-permanently. They go missing while hunting him leaving it up to her to find and rescue them.
This is the second book in the Mercy Thompson series and it contains all the elements that I enjoyed in the first.
The story was fast paced, the vampire politics suitable esoteric, the continued development of the romantic subplot believable and the characters complex.
I particularly like the realistic portrayal of what life would be like living in a pack. The strict social hierarchy, the poor treatment of women and the delicate relationship between rival predators sharing the same territory. All of which is tied up with the plot in a way that makes for a three dimensional world.
Overall an easy and entertaining read.-Lynn

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