Friday, July 4

Memory - Lois McMaster Bujold

During a combat mission Miles has a seizure and, as he was holding a laser set to fire, amputates the legs of the courier he was sent to rescue. This is not the first seizure, a legacy of his hasty cryopreservation but, terrified of losing command, he hasn't mentioned it to ImpSec yet. After much debate with himself, Miles prepares two reports - one which tells everything and one which is a bit slanted. So terrified is he of being demoted that, though given an opportunity to come clean, he lies to ImpSec chief Simon Illyan, and is fired.
Shortly thereafter Simon becomes ill. Miles is unofficially approached but makes no progress seeing Simon himself. Frustrated, Miles approached Emperor Gregor, who gives Miles special powers to investigate the matter - Miles is now a temporary Imperial Auditor, who speaks with the Emperor's Voice and answers only to Him.
I have trouble maintaining the range of superlatives necessary for this series, and fear my comments are becoming redundant. I've only outlined the major plot, but there are several minor plots, some self-contained within Memory but many picking up threads from previous installations and some laying the groundwork for others further ahead in the series. There is romance, though not for Miles, intrigue, a really interesting puzzle, moral dilemmas, power struggles, and more water colour-subtle layering about the mores and rites of Barraya and her history with Komarr. Just perfect. - Alex

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