Monday, July 21

Jennifer St. Giles: His Dark Desires

A woman left destitute when her husband disappeared in the Civil War opens her ancestral home in New Orleans as a boarding house. Receiving a letter suggesting that her missing husband may not be dead as has been supposed for the last decade but alive, and warning her that she is in danger has her regarding all of her tenants with suspicion.
Rumours of a fortune in gold hidden in the house before the war have been reawakened and somebody is trying to drive her out of her home. All clues point to a wealthy, educated and seductive new tenant. The man certainly is hiding something and when warnings turn to ‘accidents,’ and eventually murder, she doesn’t know whether she should follow her heart and trust him or her head and resist his offers of help.
A moderately complicated plot and a dose of humour make this gothic romance an enjoyable read. The hero is suitable dark, his behaviour deliciously ambiguous and the heroine has good reason to stay where she is rather than remove to safer circumstances, all of which add up to a believable story.
An entertaining read that stays true to the expectations of the genre.-Lynn

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