Tuesday, July 22

Compulsion - Jonathan Kellerman

Psychologist Alex Delaware and his LAPD Detective friend Milo Sturgis are embroiled in another case, where seemingly random and disparate elements (luxury cars stolen from their owner's homes for a few short hours, then returned in good condition; a missing woman; an elderly school teacher stabbed in broad daylight; two women bloodily murdered in a small town beauty salon) combine to create the work of one sadistic murderer.
It's been a couple of weeks since I read Compulsion (real life having gotten in the way of reviewing for a bit), so my recollection of details is a little blurry. I enjoyed it, in a passed-the-time-and-I-knew-what-I-was-getting kind of a way, but nothing stood out as either great or terrible. This is Alex's 22nd outing, and the flow felt a little formulaic, but that's true of the genre as much as the author or this particular work. If you like Kellerman's other stuff you'll probably enjoy this too. If you haven't read his stuff, start with something earlier, which is a little fresher and more dynamic. - Alex

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