Wednesday, July 30

Revenge of the Wedding Planner - Sharon Owens

Julie Sultana - scarred by her parents disastrous marriage - is Belfast's premier wedding planner: no detail is too small, no scheme too elaborate. Of course, her personal life is a little chaotic, and she leans heavily on her assistant, Mags. Former Goth Mags has four kids with her husband/high school love Bill, a former punk; despite her edgy youth, Mags has a much less bohemian outlook than Julie. When Julie's long-term boyfriend decides he wants to get serious, Julie takes off, leaving it to Mags to not only continue with the weddings they've got on the books but also break the news to Gary.
I can't tell what the plot was like because I was so distracted by the dreadful voice of narrator Mags - intrusive, all tell and no show, the tone grated on me from the off, and it was only because I thought it was by a different author that I continued as far as I did, which was to page 87 (of 295). It looks like a fun, chick-lit escapist novel from the cover but if I'd taken this with me to the beach I'd have thrown it in the ocean. Pass. - Alex


Alex and Lynn Ward said...

Hey-what did those fish ever do to you?
But please tell us what you really think.
Think I'll be giving this one a miss.

Alex and Lynn Ward said...

It's true that it's only out of pscine respect and not littering that I refrained. Well, that and the fact that I wasn't at the beach. And (from menory) it was a library book. But otherwise - hurling into the oceanic depths! - Alex