Thursday, December 6

Heather Graham: Ghost Walk

When a ghost tour operator sees the spirit of her friend and college on the night she is murdered nobody believes her except for a civilian parapsychologist working for the local police department. The murder he is helping to investigate is almost a carbon copy of her friend’s death and he believes that there must be a connection between the two killings. But the victims have nothing in common except that their spirits are appearing to the same woman-warning her that she is a target.
Together the pair uncovers the connection between the two seemingly unrelated victims, exposing large scale political conspiracy and bringing the killers to justice, all while falling in love along the way.
This was an interesting variation of the standard mystery format. It was quite well executed with enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing at who was actually involved and why. References to the murderer and their motivation are peppered throughout the book so that when their identity is revealed it is believable though not a complete surprise.
The romance between the two lead characters isn’t as convincing as the suspense elements. I need more than sex between characters to be convinced they have a future together. As a significant, though secondary, plot it was unsatisfying.
One thing that I did like was the way the author managed to get across a sense of things being just slightly ‘off’. It made for great atmosphere.
An engaging though not compelling read. I wouldn’t bypass Graham’s other works but neither am I seeking them out.-Lynn

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