Tuesday, December 11

Keri Arthur: Full Moon Rising

When a werewolf/vampire crossbreed’s twin brother goes missing her search for him uncovers a major supernatural conspiracy. Somebody is cloning paranormal creatures and tinkering with their genome, producing a variety of unholy crossbreeds. Her rescue of her brother from their laboratory and their subsequent investigation into who is behind the scheme lead her on a dangerous path that travels disturbingly close to home.
As if that wasn’t enough one of her lover’s is insisting that she has his baby, something she is determined isn’t going to happen, her boss is pushing her to give up her desk job and become a field agent, something else she’s not interested in and a disturbingly hot vampire has entered her life, a complication she doesn’t need right now. Throw in a full moon making her hormones run wild and she’s having a very bad week.
I enjoyed the plot of this book. It was interesting and I didn’t see many of the twists coming until they were there. It clipped along at a good fast pace and built a world I could believe in.
The problem I had was the amount of words given over to sex. Don’t get me wrong, I like some good hot lovin’ and the sex was well written but there was just so damned much of it. At a guess I’d say between a third and half of the book was pure sex. And while it wasn’t wholly gratuitous - sex is an integral part of werewolf behaviour and was also used in places to move the story along - I lost interest in the detail of the act long before the story was over. If this had been marketed as erotica then the amount of detailed sex scenes would be fine but as an urban fantasy I would have preferred more of the fantastic plot and less of the sex.
One thing that did stand out to me and became more annoying as the story progressed was the use of the phrase “every fiber of my being”. Whether it be rage, lust, pain or some other emotion the heroine feels it with every fiber of her being, again and again and again.
But as I said, I liked the plot. While this story ends at a suitably satisfactory point, the story itself is not over with only half the mystery solved and I will be following up with the next book in this series. Only next time I’ll be aware that I am reading something that boarders close to erotica. Approaching the book from that perspective should make all the difference to my enjoyment of it.-Lynn

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