Saturday, December 15

Heavenly Pleasures – Kerry Greenwood

Corinna's back in her second adventure - this time there are no vampires or bondage outfits (which I know I didn't allude to in the review below, but I couldn't include everything). However there is: the return of delicious Daniel, a scrumptious chocolate orgasm muffin, tampering at the Heavenly Pleasures gourmet chocolate shop, trips to restaurants outside the CBD (I have to check out a couple of places in Brunswick Street), a missing kitten and a missing girl, a mysterious new resident, bomb threats, bride kidnap and a very naughty boy pretending to be possessed.
For all praise see the below directly below this one. It's only because I can't dig out the third in the series from my boxes of unpacked books that I haven't splurged entirely and must wait until it shows up (or I can borrow it from the library) before I read both it and the newest installment, Trick or Treat. My Christmas present to myself. - Alex

The Corinna Chapman series:
Earthly Delights; Heavenly Pleasures; Devil's Food; Trick or Treat; Forbidden Fruit; Cooking the Books

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