Monday, December 31

Dr. R &L. Brasch: How did it begin? Customs, superstitions and their romantic origins

As the title suggests this book looks at the forgotten meanings and origins of customs, traditions, superstitions and phrases. Where the meanings or origins of a topic addressed are known they are explained, where they are uncertain the most common speculative origins are presented.
Occasionally the speculated origins of a custom or superstition are so convoluted as to be entirely unlikely, which isn’t to say they are impossible just unbelievable.
I’ve read a number of books that address this topic over the years and this one does not stand out from the crowd. Its tone leans toward academic, as would be expected given the authors’ credentials, and the resultant read is dry. Other authors have presented the same ideas with humour or a sense of fascination that is lacking here.
Not the best example of its type but probably not the worst. I’m in no rush to look up the authors other works-Lynn

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