Tuesday, May 13

A Perfect Evil - Alex Kava

FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell is still recovering from the trauma of a case that became entirely too personal. When she's called to assist in a Nebraskan child murder that bears all the hallmarks of a convicted killer - who was executed three months earlier - her desire to solve the crime wars with her memories of the past.
Local sheriff Nick Morelli, son of the powerful former sheriff who put serial killer Ronald Jeffries on death row, knows he's in over his head. Between the undead ghost of his father's role, his reporter sister who seems hellbent on undermining his investigation for her own ends, and his growing attraction to the married but possibly available profiler, Nick's hands are full.
A friend recommended A Perfect Evil, the first in a series by best seller Kava that she's enjoyed. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and give the second book a shot, because A Perfect Evil didn't do it for me - I found the sexual tension unconvincing, the plot relatively unoriginal and not particularly suspenseful, and the characters undeveloped, though not for lack of trying - between them they had unresolved psychological trauma, a troubled marriage to a neglectful but demanding spouse, an alcoholic parent, rivalry with a parent, unexplored parental issues, unexplored sibling issues, and work related drama. And yet - didn't really care. Joy of the library - no investment but time. I'll give it a good month of more, then try the sequel, Split Second. Watch this spot. - Alex

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